Ridley, James, Inc.
Executive Search for Asset Managers


Areas of Focus


Revenue is the obvious life blood of any business. Although many believe revenue enhancement can best be achieved through technology, we can cite multiple examples of individual salespeople who have dramatically impacted the fortunes of their employers. This is especially true for boutique asset managers. Whether your organization is institutionally focused, gathers assets under management primarily through intermediaries, or does both, we can help you identify producers and avoid pretenders.

Portfolio Management and Analysts

Sometimes it seems that in the long run, every asset class and every process has its day in the sun. If you’d prefer not to wait for the right year, we can help you find people who will frequently outperform their peers and increase your opportunities for new business every year. We have a track record of placing people who have successfully incubated products as well as those who added value to existing teams.


Ridley, James recruits people on the “Buy Side” of the investment business. Our network of trader candidates are those who execute instructions from portfolio managers at asset management companies. Candidates are usually located in the U.S. and have included those who trade Asian or European securities in real time, in addition to those who trade domestic equities or debt instruments.

Legal and Compliance

Ridley, James has a long history of specializing in the placement of Investment Adviser, Investment Company, and Broker-dealer Attorneys for both in-house and law firm positions.  Our corporate clients include Investment Advisers, Hedge Funds, Alternative Investments, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and Mutual Funds. Ridley, James has successfully placed in-house attorneys from Assistant/Associate General Counsel levels up to General Counsel. Our law firm placements include Partner, Counsel, and Associate levels. In the Compliance discipline we have placed Chief Compliance Officers as well as other compliance roles for Investment Advisers, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Alternative Funds, and REITs.